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surfy birdy

retro surf art // good vibrations

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My name is Rachel and I have been creating my Surfy Birdy art since 2014 and before that I created under Peace Owls and other Lovely Things. Forever wishing to spread peace and love with my art and filled of my passion for the sea and how surfing sets you free. I have wandered often and continue to always chasing the sunshine and glassy days. A few favorite places have been New Zealand, Costa Rica, Hawaii, California, and my home state Florida always has its magic moments. My art is inspired along the way and is hand drawn pen and paper and when I have the space I also love to paint with acrylic paint usually on scrap wood. I try and live simply, be in the present, appreciate what is around, spread kindness, protect and love this earth we get to dance around on. Thank you any one who has been along for my art journey and if you are new here welcome and so nice to meet you. I super appreciate the support and smiles.

🍄You can also shop my art on beach towels, travel cups, tapestries, pillows, bags and other fun stuff.

current collabs: Seaesta Surf, Impala Skateboard, Everything with Love, Pirani Life and Surf Shack Puzzles

always grateful to create custom art message to work together 🌈🌼

much love & stoke